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Move-In/Out Cleaning Service

About Move-In/Out Cleaning

Move-In/Out Cleaning is a specialized and thorough cleaning service designed to prepare a living space for new occupants or restore it to pristine condition after moving out. Whether you’re moving into a new home or vacating a rental property, this comprehensive cleaning ensures a fresh and welcoming environment

Move-In/Out Cleaning services are valuable for both landlords preparing a property for new tenants and individuals moving into a new home. It streamlines the transition process, providing a fresh and clean start for everyone involved.

Move-In/Out Cleaning is essential for several reasons, benefiting both landlords and tenants in various ways:

Health and Hygiene: Ensures a clean and sanitized living environment, promoting the health and well-being of new occupants.

First Impressions: Creates a positive first impression for new tenants, making the space more inviting and comfortable.

Compliance with Lease Agreements: Helps tenants meet lease requirements by leaving the property in a clean and well-maintained condition, potentially facilitating the return of security deposits.

Enhanced Property Value: Contributes to the overall value and appeal of the property, attracting potential tenants and maintaining property marketability.

Prevention of Pest Issues: Thorough cleaning eliminates potential attractants for pests, reducing the risk of infestations in the vacant property.

Reduced Stress for New Occupants: New occupants can move into a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also free from the remnants of the previous occupants, creating a more stress-free transition.

Efficient Property Turnover: Facilitates a quicker turnover of properties for landlords, allowing them to prepare units for new tenants promptly.

Odor Elimination: Removes any lingering odors from the previous occupants, ensuring a fresh and neutral scent in the living space.

Optimized Appliance Performance: Cleaning appliances thoroughly ensures optimal performance for the new occupants, preventing potential issues and enhancing appliance longevity.

Saves Time and Effort: Hiring professionals for Move-In/Out Cleaning saves time and effort for both landlords and tenants, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the moving process.

Avoidance of Disputes: Reduces the likelihood of disputes between landlords and tenants regarding the condition of the property, as the cleaning is conducted according to professional standards.

Professional Move-In/Out Cleaning

Clean Slate: Move-In/Out Cleaning Mastery

How Much It Costs

The cost of cleaning varies from job to job and the service price will depend on three things:
  1. What you would need done
  2. The size of your property
  3. The frequency of your cleans.

For an accurate quote, please schedule a free cleaning consultation and we will visit you to chat about creating a custom cleaning plan for your property.


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A Fully Customizable Cleaning Experience

Airbnb Cleaning Service

Your clean, your choice. When you book a free cleaning consultation with Exoklean, we’ll send one of our cleaning experts to meet with you and chat about exactly what you want in your cleaning arrangement.

In your free consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to customize every aspect of your clean no matter how big or small. This way, we are able to cater every clean to suit your needs and meet expectations

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